Exciting Developments for Fantasy Island

Exciting Developments for Fantasy Island

Exciting Developments for Fantasy Island 1023 684 The Mellors Group

Following the company’s purchase in March 2016 by Mellors Group, Fantasy Island Holdings Ltd has had three successful seasons and is looking forward to opening its doors to visitors in March 2019.

The park is thrilled to announce that Fantasy Island will see a number of brand-new and developed attractions for guests to experience.

We are now delighted to reveal the first of our 2019 developments:

2019 has revealed a major revamp to one of Fantasy Islands most thrilling rides; Fantasy Mouse. This ride is a combination of a high-speed rollercoaster and the Waltzers and is set to see a tremendous refurbishment as it develops into one of the world’s only indoor themed rollercoasters of its kind, ‘Ice Mountain’.

Arriving at Fantasy Island in 2000, the Fantasy Mouse is one of five rollercoasters at the park that has been entertaining guests for many years! Our renovated ride will provide guests with a brand-new experience taking them on a journey through the Arctic circle! Riders will be immersed in a world of polar bears, penguins and an illuminated cavern. This ride will be sure to leave passengers feeling suitably dizzy!

Paige Harris – Head of Marketing says; ‘There’s always something thrilling in the pipeline at Fantasy Island, whether it be a brand-new park attraction or an array of exciting site developments. We’re really looking forward to welcoming visitors back on Saturday 23rd March 2019 and showcasing all of our latest improvements’.