Our Team

Our management team comprises of a range of professionals with a wide variety of skills and experience drawn from backgrounds in leisure, events, marketing, IT, finance, insurance, the media and local government. We also have long-established connections with the best architects, structural engineers, designers and other experts in professional services and manufacturing.

Company Directors

James Henry Mellors Senior

With James Seniors father and grandfather creating and establishing the early business with coconut shys, stalls and childrens rides, the business only truly started to flourish when James Senior introduced larger rides. In the 1970s, he played a key role in the business’s growth by becoming the first sound equipment distributor for Carlsbro, making it the largest distributor in the UK and Norway for the leisure industry. In 1972, James Senior purchased his first major ride, and in 1986, he established JEM Amusements. In 2001, James Senior received a lifetime achievement award from the Showmen’s Guild for his 20 years as Regional Chairman, recognizing his contributions to the event industry. James remains actively involved in the business, overseeing our latest investment in Skegness Pier and contributing to its global development.

James Mellors Junior

Joining the family business in 1994, James Junior spent the early years learning the trade by moving, maintaining & operating rides across the UK. He helped develop and expand our events into London’s Hyde Park, Southbank and Olympic Park and his extensive knowledge now makes operating over 100 rides globally feel quite natural. In 2019, Mellors Group was awarded a five-year contract by the General Entertainment Authority in Saudi Arabia to create, build and manage the world’s largest touring Theme Park, visiting three key cities. James is leading this new project and commissioning some of the largest touring rides in the world. We have since been appointed to design and build a large Water Park on an island off the coast of Jeddah, with a cable car system connecting it to the mainland, which is another ambitious project that James is leading. James also supports his father James and brother Edward with Fantasy Island, Skegness Pier and other UK projects.

Edward Mellors

Joining the business in 1995, Edward worked with his brother moving, maintaining & operating rides around the UK at big fairs and festivals. In 2013 Edward led a successful bid for Mellors Entertainment LLC to deliver funfair services for the 2013 – 2014 season at Dubai’s Global Village. Following a very successful first year, our contract was extended for a further three years and we continue to be a dominant presence in Dubai and the Middle East. Edward now focuses on the global aspirations of the business, proactively pursuing new ventures and collaborating with various bodies to bring exciting new attractions to fruition. He seeks new markets into which to expand such as a partnership with Blue Planet Buildings, an enterprise which takes portable accommodation to the next level, harnessing the sun’s power to provide electricity and addressing the limitations of traditional portable or modular buildings. Edward is constantly driving the business forward with innovation and improvements, meanwhile heading up the operations of Urban Playground, THE CUBE and Nottingham Winter Wonderland.