Our Values


Passion For What We Do

As a family business, we have a strong sense of mission and values which we extend to create a lasting family culture. We have a passion for what we do. Professionalism, transparency, collaboration and being united by shared values and purpose are in our DNA.

Showing We Care

The safety and security of our employees and the wider community is of greatest importance. We care about each and every detail of our operations from our employees, to partner requirements and beliefs to visitor experiences.

One of our annual ‘giving back’ schemes is our complimentary day out events that we offer to vulnerable and disadvantaged families in the UK.  We regularly gift days out to our UK theme park, Fantasy Island. We feel a sense of accomplishment when working with local associations; being able to provide experiences to communities around our businesses and events is priceless.

Always Improving

This is what distinguishes us from competitors! We continuously challenge ourselves to provide never-before seen experiences worldwide. We utilise our assets to ensure improvements are recognised across the Mellors Group portfolio each year.

We recognise the importance of being dynamic and moving quickly on the latest industry trends. We have vision: we find unused spaces and turn them into experiences. These business opportunities support our growth strategy and maximise revenues.

Our Promise To Deliver

We promise to give the best and most memorable experiences to our guests.

We are proud of all of our business operations as we know each concept has been created to bring our guests innovative, immersive and interactive experiences.


We are passionate about creating an inclusive workplace that promotes diversity. We believe that being diverse in age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, ethnicity, and perspective makes us a better company. We embrace beliefs, accept differences and encourage abilities.

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